Spiral Inwards with me...

Born of many years in deep communion with Rose and based on personal nature based immersions with Andean and Amazonian healing traditions, the Rose Dieta & Feminine Embodiment Journey truly is an initiation into the Wild Rose Mystery School, a place we may spiral into through various modalities. Rose is a beautiful ally for strength, protection, self-love, sensuality, sacred boundaries, and truly knowing all sides of you as a sacred feminine vessel here on Earth.

Petal by Petal We Spiral Inwards

This Journey Includes:

  • In depth Soft Dieta Guidance
  • Plant Spirit Connection Guidance
  • Thematic Recordings
  • Deep Dive Guided Meditations and Channeled Activations
  • Journal Prompts
  • Sensual Embodiment Exercises
  • Sacred Rituals
  • Herbal Medicine Preparation
  • Sacred Boundary Activations
  • Thematic Playlists
  • Mysteries of the many Faces of Rose
What is A Soft Dieta?

Dieta is an immersion with the spirit of a plant. The word "dieta" comes from the South American, Amazonian healing traditions. It is an immersive container
where one opens to learn and heal directly through the guidance of a master plant.

Nearly every ancient culture practiced similar initiations with local herbs, trees, flowers and shrubs that were known to be powerful spirits and guides, each one opening different universal and individualized teachings and messages.

A Life Changing Journey

Rose is a one of the highest vibrational plants on the planet and the matriarch of

the gentle feminine healing plants, accessible to all of us. Other matriarchical plants are not as accessible or approachable for daily work and use.

In deep Gratitude

Rose guides you through the essence of your being and awakens the universal energy of the divine feminine, which lives in you and me, as we all weave it together in the collective tapestry.

I have been honored to share this journey with many women over the years. I invite you to come journey with me into the mysteries of the Rose.

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